Q&A with Jim Cornelison - Talking about the Singing the National Anthem Ahead of the IU vs OSU Game

Updated: Mar 14, 2018

Jim Cornelison is most famously known for singing the national anthem for the Chicago Blackhawks. Cornelison is an alumnus of the Jacobs School of Music, where he got his master's degree. He will be making his way back to his old stomping grounds Aug. 31 to sing the anthem for the football game against Ohio State. In a 30-minute phone conversation, Cornelison gave not only answers, but also advice. 

INDIANA DAILY STUDENT: You got your master's here at the Jacobs School, right? How does it feel to come back and sing for the football game this year? 

CORNELISON: I love it. It’s exciting. It’s a warm feeling. When they reached out to me last year, that was the first time I had come back, and that went really well. Of course, Kyle Schwarber from the Chicago Cubs was there to get the crowd warmed up, so when I stepped up to the mic they were already cheering, so that was nice. Anyway, it feels great. It’s really nice to come back and for them to think of me again for this game, because it’s such a high-profile game. 

IDS: What is your favorite part about singing the national anthem?  

CORNELISON: I would say it’s all the people I meet, and by that I mean I meet a lot of sports figures, coaches, CEOs, military people. 

We have the military people who are on the ice with me about every game at the Blackhawks, and I’ve developed some great friendships out of that. The military first responders, those people respond to me so strongly, and also little kids do. Both my parents are World War II vets, and it’s kind of really brought me back in touch with things like latent patriotism

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