I have been blessed to be the Blackhawks' National Anthem singer. In the course of that journey I have come to know many people who have served in our military, police and fire departments. I have met service people who have lost limbs, eyesight and family members and it is my desire to try and give back to those who have lost so much serving our country. These people deserve our support because so much was required of them when our country called on them. 22 of our vets are committing suicide everyday and many are coming back with major life altering injuries.

With these tracks I am beginning to explore different things I can do with music to express myself, satisfy my artistic side and contribute in a small way to our veterans in need. This track of Danny Boy is done traditionally with beautiful, full orchestration and it gives me a chance to sing with nuance and soulfully. For those familiar with my Blackhawks Anthem rendition it is a very different way to hear me. I owe a debt of gratitude to Gary Fry at High Touch music who donated the string arrangements (these are real people playing!) and also studio and editing time.

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In advance I say to you, "thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Danny Boy - Jim Cornelison
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Happy Birthday - Jim Cornelison
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Bring Him Home - Jim Cornelison
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