Jim Cornelison - The Anthem Singer

“Cornelison is more than a voice. He is a presence. He is the Statue of Liberty come to life.”

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Anthem Singer

From small town America, to opera house, to international sporting events.

Jim Cornelison has had the privilege to sing in opera houses throughout America and Europe before singing our national anthem and other songs at some of the worlds’ most prominent sporting events. He has seen the powerful and unifying impact the Star-Spangled Banner has for veterans, their families, and fans alike. And as the son of World War 2 veterans hopes to give back by supporting our veterans through Live the Salute and helping to nurture a love for what America stands for.

Jim Cornelison singing anthem
Jim Cornelison with Tuskegee Airman O. Lawton Wilkerson

Live the Salute

We don’t know them all, but we owe them all!

That is why he began Live the Salute, a 501c3 charitable organization dedicated to supporting our veterans. You make a difference by supporting Live the Salute through direct donations, or by making a purchase from the shop.

Corporate Partnerships & Offerings

Jim the Corporate Speaker

Why is Jim’s version of the Star Spangled Banner considered unique and in such high demand? How does he win over massive audiences and stay consistent and compelling as a performer? How does he work to define and grow his brand? What gives Jim his competitive edge?

Listen as Jim sits down with founder of Be Sports Minded, Dafna Aaronson. Dafna will share her fascinating experience working with metrics and statistics for Deutsche Bank in HR Analytics and as Mental Skills coach for the NY Mets which lead to her vision to become the “Billy Beane” of the front of the baseball card. They will chat about the “attitude and action” Jim applies as well as characteristics that lead to his competitive edge; the same human traits that predict success in other high level performers differentiating those being good from those being great!

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Ready to Make a Difference?

Donate directly to Live the Salute,
Jim’s charity dedicated to honoring and supporting our veterans.

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Your purchase helps support veterans by donating a portion of proceeds to Live the Salute.

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