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Jim is a high-visibility corporate spokesperson for the Chicago Blackhawks, IndyCar Racing, Mecum Auctions, the Patriot Education Fund, and Live the Salute! Formerly, he has represented Lexus and RESTORE Hair.

How Jim can help you?

  • Singing the National Anthem, of course!
  • Product partnerships supporting veterans and your cause or  organization
  • Commercials / Endorsements / Interviews
  • Community Outreach
  • Speaking, tailored for your event. Topics Include: 
    • Consistent Peak Performance
    • Focus Under Pressure
    • Positivity, Motivation and your “Why”
    • Your Journey: Push your comfort zone, nurture curiosity
    • Differentiate Yourself
    • Have A Plan
    • Patriotism: What is it? Why does it matter?
Jim Cornelison Corporate Engagement

Anthem, Attitude, Action

At the intersection of character and success.

Jim and Dafna provide an entertaining program that educates and motivates professionals to develop an inspiring attitude about their daily activities and the actions they can take to provide a competitive edge that will help lead to professional success.

Be part of a candid discussion between renowned Blackhawks National Anthem soloist Jim Cornelison and Dafna Aaronson, Performance Specialist and Behavior Analyst for Player Development.

Jim Cornelison - Anthem, Attitude, Action

Jim Cornelison

Dafna Aaronson- Anthem, Attitude, Action

Dafna Aaronson

Even with perceived success, without the proper attitude, one’s anthem can be shallow and unfulfilling. It’s when you find your why that you can get your attitude in place and be off to developing your competitive edge.

The Value of Anthem, Attitude, Action


Techniques on how to handle and prepare for personal and professional goals.

Jim Cornelison is recognized in the Chicago area and across the country for his role as the “anthem singer” with the Chicago Blackhawks NHL franchise and as a new face of the Indianapolis 500, but how did he get there? How does he stay focused, calm and compelling when performing for live audiences ranging from 200-2,000,000 and when being interviewed by local and national media? How does he take his very focused and repetitive work of performing the anthem and put it to work to grow his brand and business and assist other individuals, businesses, organizations and causes across the United States? Find out the answers to these questions and more when Jim sits down with Dafna to chat about the “attitude and action” he developed and applied to reach his personal and professional goals. 

Helpful anecdotes learned from working with professional athletes from major sports and interviews with coaches and team leaders.

What may surprise you is what Dafna has learned about the incredible value placed on accountability, adaptability, resilience, handling of adversity and a consistent competitive edge. While we hear so much about the focus on metrics and statistics in professional sports and business, these human characteristics are consistently cited as the determining factors between being good or being great.

In the end, we all perform our own “anthem” in our respective professional and personal endeavors.

Hopefully, you can apply some of the insights and information from an evening with Jim and Dafna to fine tune the “attitude and actions” which will help take you to and keeps you at the top of your game!

Jim Cornelison Anthem, Attitude, Action

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